Processing of Cups in PP, PET, and HIPS

The thermoforming process typically falls into two distinct segments. The most common is a thermoforming process utilizing a separate trim press. This approach is used to produce a wide variety of product from the entire spectrum of thermoformable plastic materials.

TSL offers its Low Flex Series of thermoformers with the appropriate accompanying trim press for this concept. Everything from deep draw disposable cups to lids can be produced on these state of the art machines.

The second option is to thermoform product utilizing one of TSL's highly efficient trim-in-place thermoforming systems. We offer two distinct approaches to the trim-in-place approach. The first utilizing high tonnage forming presses in conjunction with high speed retrieval systems. We offer both the FT8K and FT14K models for close tolerance applications such as packaging for the dairy industry.

TSL also offers two Tilt Technology machines, the FT4K. These are high tonnage machines for a given forming area and work in conjunction with automation systems to collate and package the products being produced. With the Tilt Technology machines TSL also offers the option to provide in mold labeling (T-IML), a rapidly growing graphic process for food packaging.