Processing of Hot and Cold Drink Lids by Two Methods

Hold or cold drink lids can be produced on either the TSL Low Flex series of machines or in a rotary or mold to melt process.

For Lids from PP, PET, or HIPS the Low flex series of thermoformers and the HD or LR trim presses are in wide spread use. Either roll fed or in-line with an extruder. TSL can partner with other vendors to incorporate automated packaging of the lids as well as placing the sleeves of lids in to corrugated boxes.

For HIPS lids the The Rotary Thermoforming systems or Melt to Mold Technology is an energy and labor efficient process in which an extruder is operated in-line with a rotating wheel with a lid mold with numerous cavities. The hot sheet is pulled directly onto the rotating cavities instantly forming the lid and cooling it in one rotation of the wheel. From the mold the formed cups are fed into a TSL horizontal trim press for trimming and packaging.