Berry Baskets, Consumer-Safe Fresh Food Containers

Fresh berries require ventilated packaging to maintain freshness. The TSL LR5.0 Pre-Punch Station can punch holes in the the bottoms and side walls of berry baskets to provide adequate airflow to maximize shelf life. After hole punching the container is trimmed in the LR5.0 Vertical Trim Press. Alternately, the TSL dual action punch station provides movement of the top and bottom platen so the infeed and exit treadles do not have to pivot keeping the sheet line stable and insuring accurate and low risk punching of the vent holes.
Freshly made soups and salads sold in markets and delis require a tamper evident seal to protect the consumer. The TSL LR5.0 Pre-Punch press can be used to perforate the removable seal on the perimeter of the container. Next in line is the TSL LR5.0 Vertical trim press.