The HD Series Trim Presses feature massive welded and stress relieved frames to accommodate the required trimming loads on each of the four horizontal and two vertical press models. Forward and reverse trim configurations of the horizontal presses are available. Servo driven nip wheels or servo mechanical pick feeds are available. The vertical models feature fore and aft servo index wheels for maximum speed and accuracy in indexing. Parallel treadle motion, servo ejector and integration with downstream automation are available.


Trim Press Tonnage 45
Trim Press Stroke Options 6", 4.5"
Maximum Trim Press CPM 180
Stroke + Shut Height Maximum 17"
With SASH Stroke + Shut Height N/A
Stationary Platen Opening 14.5" x 55" Others Available
Maximum Part Depth 4"
Parallel Treadle Motion Optional
Canopy Assist Standard
Servo Pick Index Standard
Servo Mechanical Pick Index N/A
Servo Ejector Optional
Reverse Trim Configuration N/A
Trim Press Sync to Former Standard
Automated Packaging Optional
Trim Press Electrical Service 100 amp, 480 Volt