Trim Presses and Punch Presses

5.0 Dual Platen Vertical Pre-Punch


The 5.0 Dual Platen Drive Vertical Pre-Punch Station is intended for pre-punching ventilation holes in products such as PET Berry Baskets.  The ability to move both the top and bottom platen allows the sheet to stay on a constant center-line eliminated the need to lift the sheet to clear the die or punches.  This results in consistent punching and longer life of the punches.  The frame is the LF5.0 Former frame and has a 180 Ton cutting force due to the Low Flex Doubler Plate design.


Maximum Part Depth 6"
Trim Press Tonnage 180
Maximum Linear Trim Length 807"
Maximum Punch Size 52.5" Wide x 42" Long
Punch Press Stroke Options Optional up to 4.5" max
Platen Shut Height 13" above and 10" below sheet line
Maximum Punch Press CPM up to 100
Servo Nip Index Yes
4 Wheel Drive Nip Optional
Chip Recovery Blower Optional