Rotary Version RF500

The TSL Rotary Thermoforming Systems, Version RF500, utilizes a Melt to Mold technology in which an in-line extruder feeds HIPS sheet directly onto a rotating wheel to which lid or plate mold cavities are mounted. The lids are trimmed down steam in a TSL trim press, version LR or V.


The Rotary process employs "melt to mold" technology for the production of HIPS hot or cold drink lids in which an extruder is in-line with a rotating wheel on which is mounted the lid cavities.  Once the lids are formed the sheet is introduced to a down-stream trim press that will trim the individual lids from the formed sheet.


Maximum Web Width                                                                                                      55"
Maximum Part Depth (Deeper with factory approval)                                                      2"
Maximum Wheel Diameter                                                                                              80"
Maximum Wheel RPM                                                                                                    14 RPM
Wheel Motor                                                                                                                    Inverter Duty
Machine Control                                                                                                              Galil/Opto 22 Pac/TSL HMI
Vacuum                                                                                                                            250 CFM
Mold Temp. Control                                                                                                          Optional
Machine Mounted Stripper                                                                                               24" Dia/Cam
X-Y axis adjust to position wheel relative to die                                                               Standard
Conditioning Roll Sizes                                                                                                     6" or 12"
Trim Press                                                                                                                        TSL LR or V Series, Optional
Turnkey Systems                                                                                                              Yes