Offset Printer 2 Color

OP 42

Two color dry offset printing for foam sheet. Printed image can be random or registered to product in line with thermoforming.

Utility requirements

Power: 480 VAC, 30 AMP, 3 Phase, 60 HZ standard. Other voltages optional. Air: 80 psi, 1 cfm

Machine control

Industrial control group C-128 microprocessor, Allen-Bradley illuminated push-pull buttons, digital speed indicator, elapsed time meter, Boston gear SCR DC drives. (Options: Reliance drive, master reference control.)
Emergency stop pull cord around entire machine.
Push-pull impression control for each color deck and each plate cylinder deck.
Forward/reverse control for drive. Forward and reverse jog push- buttons. Baldwin ink agitators.
Driven through air clutch for added safety and ease of plate registration and clean-up.

Machine construction

1.5-inch precision ground steel frames.
1.5 inch face, 16 diameter pitch, 20 degree pressure angle steel gears.
Heat treated, polished, hard chrome plated fountain rolls.
Carbon steel plate and blanket cylinders with .002-inch diameter and .0005-inch runout, static balance.
Bronze oscillator rolls.
Automatic lubrication system with alarm and catch pans for oil.
Catwalks supplied around entire machine.
Heavy-duty precision-ground bearings.
Mounted on jack-screws or casters.


Maximum web width 44 inches
Maximum print width 42 inches
Minimum print width 12 inches
Side-to-side running print register 2 inches
Length 87 inches
Width 90 inches
Height 84 inches
Weight 9,950 lbs
Repeat Range 22 inches to 53 inches
Speed 0 to 250 feet per minute