LF Formers


Advanced version of LF5.0 Former with 50% less deflection and stretch. Dual linkage drive with 22KW motors optional.


Maximum Sheet Width 57"
Maximum Solid Sheet Guage 0.200"
Maximum Mold Size 54"x57"
Maximum Depth of Draw 7.5" Std/9" Optional
Max Shut Height + Stroke Top 33", Bottom 28"
Max Shut Height + Stoke w/SASH Top 28", Bottom 23"
Platen Guiding 65mm Roller Rail or 150mm Dia Die Posts
Former Dry Cycle Speed 36-45 CPM
Former CPM 20 - 15KW Motor or 21 - 22KW Motor
Rated Tonnage 200 Tons
Heat Tunnel Control Galil/Opto 22/Windows 7
Quartz Heat Tunnel Lengths 210" - 340"
Chain Rail Steel Open Architecture-Size 50 or Size 60 Chain
Platen Drive Inpependent Top and Bottom, Yaskawa Motors
3rd Motion Force Options 12,000 - 36,000 pounds
Platen Solid Links Top
Platen Adjustable Links Bottom
Gear Box Oltions Size 70/15KW Motor or Size 80/22KW Motor