Trim Presses and Punch Presses



Trim Press Tonnage  32
Trim Press Stroke Options                                                                                  4" min up to 12" max  
Maximum Trim Press CPM                                                                     4"/135, 6"/120, 8"/100, 12"/80
Counter-Balance                                                                                                    Rotating Standard  
Shut Height                                                                                                              8" Min/14" Max  
Stationary Platen Opening                                                                                    14" x58" Others up to 22" x 58"  
Maximum Part Depth                                                                                              7"  
Parallel Treadle Motion                                                                                          Standard  
Canopy Assist                                                                                                         Standard        
Servo Sheet Index                                                                                                   Standard  
Reverse Trim Configuration                                                                                 Optional  
Servo Ejector                                                                                                            Optional  
Granulator and Automated Packaging                                                                Optional  
Side Load Trim Tool Cart                                                                                       Optional