Trim Presses and Punch Presses


The LR6 Trim Press follows in the tradition and design of the LR5 (Introduced in 2012) and the LR3 (Introduced in 2018). The LR6 uses 4 x 85mm linear rails and bearing blocks to guide the moving platen and trim tool with precision required for tight tolerance products. The LR6 is a 90 ton press with up to a 16" platen stroke and 18 shut height. Trim tool is side loaded and the treadle moves vertically up to get guides out of the way for ease of tool changes. Treadle and canopy are easily accessed from a series of catwalks.


Trim Press Tonnage                90
Trim Press Stroke Options                                                                                       8" min up to 16" max
Maximum Trim Press CPM                    12"/85    
Counter-Balance                                                                                                      Rotating Weights
Shut Height                                                                                                              9.5" Min/18" Max
Maximum Sheet Width                                                                                             74"
Maximum Part Depth                                                                                               10"
Parallel Treadle Motion                                                                                             Standard
Canopy Assist                                                                                                          Standard 
Servo Sheet Index                                                                                                    Standard
Reverse Trim Configuration                                                                                      Standard
Servo Ejector                                                                                                            Optional
Granulator and Automated Packaging                                                                      Optional
Side Load Trim Tool Cart                                                                                          Optional  
Servo Adjust Shut Height -SASH                                                                              Optional