LF Formers

Low Flex 6.0


The Low Flex® thermoforming systems is ideal for deep draw as well as shallow draw applications. The Low Flex® Series comes in four models with forming areas ranging from 33.5" x 52" up to 65" x 67". Popular materials including HIPS, PP, PVC, HDPE, PET, PLA and ABS can be processed on the Low Flex® Series.

Frame & Drive Linkage

The TSL Low Flex ® frame concept provides a rugged and durable frame platform to accommodate the most demanding forming processes. Heavy duty platen driven linkage smoothly transfers servo generated motion to the platens.

3rd Motion™

The TSL Linear 3rd Motion™ servo driven technology is attached to the bottom platen and mechanically links to the plugs which are internal to the tools. Plug speeds up to 39" per second can be achieved. Stroke, distance, acceleration ramp, declaration ramp and plug timing are all easily programmable through the HMI.

Heat Tunnel

The Low Flex® Heat Tunnel utilizes efficient, fast, and accurate quartz panel heaters configured to optimize heat profiling for any given mold. Through the HMI, heaters can be grouped to any thermo-coupled heater zone, thus controlling a multitude of individual heater circuits.


Maximum Sheet Width 74"
Maximum Solid Sheet Gauge 0.250"
Maximum Mold Size 65" x 67"
Maximum Depth of Draw 10"
Maximum Former Tonnage 260
Top Platen Travel 11" Standard
Bottom Platen Travel 9"
Maximum Shut Height + Stroke Top 36", Bottom 29"
Servo Adujustable Shut Height Optimal
Maximum Shut Height +Stroke W/SASH Top 31.4", Bottom 29"
Former Dry Cycle Speed 35 cpm
Machine Control Galil / Opto22 / Pentium IV
Heat Tunnel Length 225" Standard, 240" Optional 4"
Heater Elements Quartz
Chain Rail Type Open Architecture Steel
Chain Rail Preheater Optional
"Vee" Rail Feature Optional
Web Advance Servo Driven 120" per second 1"
Servo Vacuum Valve Optional
Platen Drive Separate Servo Drives
Third Motion Servo Plug Drive Optional 8*
Former Electrical Service 1000 amp, 480 volt
Compressed Air Consumption 10cfm @ 100 psi excluding tool