FT Formers


TSL Tilt Technology

The TSL patent pending tilt technology is a synchronized dual servo toggle driven design which provides a rugged, high speed forming platform for a reliable and repeatable thermoforming process.  The platen rotates 80 degrees is proproud of the frame allowing for ease of product ejection into automation or into an In Mold Labeling System.


Max Trim Force 240,000 Pounds Force
*Max Cut Length for PP 480 Inches
*Max Cut Length for PET 430 Inches
Nominal Sheet Width 33.46 Inches
Heat Tunnel Length 135 Inches
*Max Sheet Gauge 0.100 Inches
Max Forming Width 30.51 Inches
Max Form Length 17.72 Inches
Max Form Area 541 Square Inches
Max Tool Width 48.43 Inches
Max Draw Depth 5.91 Inches
Top Mold Mass 1709 Pounds
Top Shut Height 13.58 Inches
Max SASH Adjust 0.69 Inches
Bottom Mold Mass (includes ejectors) 1375 Pounds
Bottom Shut Height 9.45 Inches
Max Bottom Vertical Stroke 6.87 Inches
Max Chain Rail "V" 1.50 Inches
Max Plug Stroke 6.02 Inches
Max Plug Tool Mass 165 Pounds
Max Plug Speed 45.00 Inches/second
Plug Force @ Rated Speed 13,000 Pounds Force
Max Ejector Stroke 7.01 Inches
Max Ejector Tool Mass 187 Pounds
Max Eject Speed 25.00 Inches/second
Ejector Force @ 60"/sec 11,100 Pounds Force
* Possible Increase With Factory Approval
Above specifications subject to change. Roll fed and inline systems available. A diverse selection of heat tunnel configurations are available. A wide variety of product handling options available including vertical and horizontal stacking, automated and collation systems.