FT Formers


HSRS Technology

The TSL FT8K Thermoformer provides a high volume solution to the producton of PP or PET containers that require ttight trim tolerances and high tonnages.  When combined with an optional High Speed Retrieval System (HSRS)using a carbon fiber paddle to retrieve the formed parts and transfer to stacking station the FT8K System becomes a high volume producer with reduced labor costs and price competitive products for the marketplace.


Maximum Sheet Width 44.41"
Maximum Solid Sheet Gauge 0.180"
Maximum Mold Size 40.75" x 34.45"
Maximum Forming Area 1,404 Sq Inches
Maximum Depth of Draw 9"
Maximum Trim Tonnage 190 tons
Maximum Linear Inches of Trim (PP) 700"
Top Platen Travel 11"
Bottom Platen Travel 4"
3rd Motion Plug Drive Standard
Servo Adjustable Shut Heeight (sp)
Platen Move Time 6" Part Depth 500 milliseconds
Heat Tunnel Length 210"/280" Optional
Heater Elements Quartz Panels
Chain Rail Type Open Architecture
”V” Rail Feature Optional
Servo Eject 10.83" Max Stroke/14.5in/sec/4,076 Lbs Force
Thermoformer Machine Control Galil / Opto / Pentium 4
Integrated Automation Optional
High Speed Retrieval Paddle Optional
Cross Conveyor Optional
Above specifications subject to change. Roll fed and inline systems available. A diverse selection of heat tunnel configurations are available. A wide variety of product handling options available including vertical and horizontal stacking, automated and collation systems.